the cast and crew

the erin

the erin

the erin=me, I, my, mine, myself. was 29 on april 6th. your intrepid blogger

the angelo

the angelo

the angelo=the husband, the spousal unit, the tall one. will be 33 on december 12th.



the aidan=the boy child, the oldest, half of the big ones. discovered wheels at seven months old, and has been fascinated by anything with them since. loves legos, indiana jones, star wars, miniatures and roughousing. also loves digging in the dirt…huh, imagine that. however, is a big weenie when it comes to cuts and scrapes. current favorite songs include “waltzing matilda”, “brown eyed girl”, “who let the dogs out”, “kung fu fighting” and “new age girl”. will be seven on august 6th. 


the moira=the dolphin, the mermaid, other half of the big ones, one half of the girls. is the first one in the pool around easter and is the last one out around thanksgiving. recently discovered the color pink, girly stuff and the phrase “aww, that’s soo cute.” current favorite songs include “waltzing matilda”, “brown eyed girl” and “mad world”. will be six on july 11th.

the olivia=squishy, swee baby, other half of the girls. loves shoes, brushing her teeth, tickles, her siblings, bike riding and anything outdoors. will be two on may 14th. 

other misc. members..

the mima and the grandad=my mom and dad.

the conor=one of my brothers. recently joined the navy and is currently residing in south carolina. will be 26 on december 28th.

the ian=my other brother. works at the hyatt. will be 21 on august 26th.

the amanda=conor’s wife. graduated from the university of nebraska in december of 2007 with a bachelor’s in science and education. will be 25 on october 15th.

the ethan=the conor and the amanda’s son. is two months and one day older than the olivia. was two on march 13th.

the steve and the kathy=my in-laws

the christopher=one of the angelo’s brothers. will be 18 on october 7th.

the andrew=the angelo’s other brother. will be 13 on november 31st.


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