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phillipe and jacques take you on a tour

phillipe: ‘allo! i am phillipe and thees ‘ere eezzz jacques, and oui are dust bunnies! oui wanted to jump on zee computer to tell all of our dust bunny friends ‘ow much fun oui are having at madmoiselle ereen’s home.

jacques: that eezzz so right phillipe! thees place eezzz a dust bunnies dream come true. a “dust bunny playground” if you will.

phillipe: hahaha! oh jacques that eezzz so true. come, come let us take you on a tour. when you first walk in zee door, you will find zee meet and greet area. usually very crowded due to zee open bar.

jacques: oui! zee open bar!

phillipe: a very popular place. if you continue onward into zee living area, you will find zee small forest. popular with zee young lovers. the 5×7 area is soft and very well protected from the elements. if you find yourself lost, feel free to climb onto any one of zee many small rawhide mountains to get a look at where you are. if you see zee dog, stay calm, and zank her for leaving the small rawhide mountains for us to use.

jacques: if you find yourself without a bunny to snuggle with in the forest, please, join the fun under zee couch! it eezzz a party 24/7. plenty of fellow bunnies to dance with and also various interesting objects to gaze upon. there are typically several soft sock pillows to lounge upon, large balls to roll around with your friends, interesting reading material and fun places to climb.

phillipe: speaking of climbing! do not forget to visit zee top of zee couch and take on zee clean laundry mountain! be sure to attempt to climb to zee top, but don’t miss out on zee many small caves! a great place for spelunkers. this is only one of many clean laundry mountain’s throughout zee entire house. beware, however, of zee dirty laundry mountains.

jacques: ah, oui. they look very similar to zee clean laundry mountains, but get too close, and you will find that they are very, very different. while also very fun to explore, make sure you don a gas mask.

phillipe: if you find yourself getting hungry, do not fret, just head on over to zee kitchen. you will always find a veritable buffet. oreo cookies, pretzels, cherry yogurt, coffee, why this morning, i found a cheezy puff.

jacques: no!

phillipe: oui!

jacques: after oui finish here my friend, you must take me!

phillipe: can do, can do my friend.

jacques: if you find yourself feeling crafty, under the miniature table you will be sure to find enough art supplies to fill your needs. from crayons, to glue sticks, to construction paper, to bits of ribbon and more! phillipe, do you hear something?

phillipe: no jacques, i do not.

jacques: ok, i must be imagining it. anyway, here at ereen’s home, you will find everything for every dust bunny…i hear it again, it sounds closer now.

phillipe: i hear something now too. oh, zee wind is picking up. did you hear anything about a storm today jacques?

jacques: no phillipe, i did not. i hear screaming from our fellow dust bunnies! what could be happening?



this was going to be a serial tweet/FB update, but then i realized i had enough things to discuss to write a blog post

agenda for the day:

  • blog about acl day 3…it’s only a week late.
  • write drafts for several other blog posts.
  • this is not on the agenda, just something i learned…drinking most of an energy drink is too much for me…i have the shakes.
  • inspire hope because that’s all you need to do to recieve the nobel peace prize, and that is on my to-do list for life. it actually kind of pisses me off, because i’ve been working on a world peace plan for most of my 28 years in order to recieve the nobel peace prize, and now i learn that all i had to do was inspire hope. so, this is me inspiring hope…THERE WILL BE PEACE IN OUR LIFETIME! are you feeling hopeful? where’s my prize?
  • these shakes are REALLY annoying.
  • lesson plan for religious education class on wednesday night (in order to spell wednesday, i have to pronounce it wed-nes-day. everytime.)
  • fold laundry.
  • wash aidan’s sheets.
  • clean up kitchen.
  •  because of these stupid shakes, i’m able to type three or four letters then have to backspace to make a correction. it’s making typing this take much longer than it should.
  • play with da’ baby.
  • make bed.

how much do you think i’ll actually do? correct answer wins a prize. i don’t know what that is yet though. so i can’t promise that it will be great.

so, i completed 8 out of 9 agenda items for yesterday. technically i did 8.5 because i started planning for the R.E. class but then we had dinner, then i went to bed.  ok, fine, i looked at the chapter, looked at the suggested activities and stared out the back door. but, nobody guessed 8, so nobody wins a prize. maybe next time.