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i don’t have a title for this post as i don’t really have something to post about but figured that i really needed to post more often so here we are. expect randomness to abound

first and foremost, i would like to say how saddened i am about the fort hood shooting. it boggles my mind as to why people do this. it is said that he was upset about the news of being sent to iraq…fine, shoot off your foot but DON’T take your displeasure out on innocent men and women. how dare you. my prayers are with the families of the deceased and wounded. i pray for the wounded to fully recover and i pray for the shooter’s family. i also pray for the shooter. i’m not sure what, but i think he is also in need of prayers as there is obviously something wrong with him.


on a much less serious note (although a VERY serious subject)…”your” and “you’re”.

“you’re” is a contraction meaning “you are” as in “you are driving me crazy by not using the correct words!” would be “you’re driving me crazy by not using the correct words!” NOT “your driving me crazy by not using the correct words!”.

“your” implies ownership. “your incorrect use of these two words is driving me crazy!”. you are the one incorrectly using these two words so you own the incorrect usage.


since president obama has decided that he wants to shorten the summer break because american’s are so far behind other countries in education (most who, btw, currently spend over 1,000 hours LESS in school than americans), i believe these extra hours should be spent pounding these two words and their differences into students’ heads. anyone who currently cannot tell the difference and consistantly use these two terms incorrectly should be forced to return to school to learn the difference. so basically, if you are checking everyone’s twitter updates and notice someone incorrectly using these words, you are obligated to contact your (or their) local law enforcement and report them so they can be sent to class. failure to do so will result in fines no less than $5,000 and/or 6 years in a maximum security prison.


p.s. on this subject, yes melanie, it was your incorrect usage of this word that brought this to mind but i know that it was a one time, late night, bleary eyed, deep in the throes of some ailment, and not ignorance that caused you to commit this heinous crime. fear not, had it not been you, someone else would have done it and we’d still be discussing it.


“hubby” and “hubs” need to be stricken from everyone’s vocabulary. someone needs to create an internet script that morphs “hubby” and “hubs” into “husband” when typed into any program.


my sister’s name is “amanda lynn”. say it out loud. kind of combine the two names…”amandalynn”. think of a musical instrument…do you have it yet. no? think on it. answer at the bottom.*

p.s. amanda, i love you!


the bigs are doing fantabulous in school. aidan has come a long way since the beginning of the year and we are so proud of him. he is starting to enjoy reading but i believe math is his best subject.  moira is doing great as well. she is no longer going to marry tony when she is 8, but is now going to marry a classmate, will. yesterday i met will’s older sister who is also infatuated with moira (in the she’s-so-cute-i-want-to-put-her-in-my- pocket kind of infatuation not in the i-want-to-marry-her-too type of infatuation). as for actual education news for moira, she is doing great in everything. when at the library, she always picks up informational (educational) type book like “all about fish” and “growing up: the barn owl”. this child is a sponge.


olivia is quite the character. she is like moira, but even more so. of aidan and moira, moira was (is) the more adventerous one. she never had any fear of just walking away from us. olivia takes that to a whole new level. even when we go to leave, she just doesn’t care. “there is cool stuff out here somewhere, and i’m going to find it with or without you. check ya’ later”. her favorite word is “mamamamamama”, but she can also say “down”, “go”, “dada”, “shoes”, “hi”, “bye”, “binky”, “blanket”, “no”, “moira”, “aidan” and more that i can’t remember. she also signs “milk”, “more”, “please”, “help” (when i remind her to sign it when she needs it) and “rock”. she loves shoes, brushing her teeth, the great outdoors, running, walking and climbing.


i am having spaghetti noodles with butter and parm cheese for lunch today.


so a woman a i went to high school with is married to a man taller than she is (wait for it). she is like 6’10”, i wonder how tall he is?


if we aren’t friends on facebook, we should be, because i posted a series of uber cute pics of olivia (i’m in them too but i’m not uber cute) on my profile. i posted one of them on my twitter too.


peanut m&m’s while delicious, do not make a very filling breakfast. how sad.


i have the best husband in the world. no really, i do.


ok, that’s it for this episode of completely unrelated thoughts.

thank you jerry for help with this blog posting

thank you amanda for allowing me to poke fun at your name.

*a mandolin.




cleaning the smelly basket

so, i have an elfa three drawer basket thing in my bathroom. in the top basket i keep hair products: hair spray, heat protectors, mousse, gel, smoothing milk, sculpting putty, etc. in the bottom drawer, more hair stuff: blow dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, curlers, brushes, combs (there is ANOTHER small drawer in the linen closet that holds the clippies, elastic bands, headbands, etc). this post is not about the multitude of hair products i own though (mostly because i use most of those products most of the time. mostly.) no, this is about the basket between the hair baskets. this is about the smelly basket.

the smelly basket contains deoderants, body sprays, perfumes, lotions, creams, bath salts, exfoliators, feet refreshers, hand refreshers, face refreshers, belly button refreshers and so on. this collection just grows. it doesn’t ever shrink. that’s because, with the exception of the deoderant, i don’t use any of this stuff on a regular basis. i use some of it for a short while, then i stop using it, then i’ll remember there is more in there than deoderant, so i’ll start using something else from it for a bit, then quit again. rinse and repeat.

one of the pieces in the smelly basket is a tube of burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E). i believe it came in a package of sample’s for burt’s bees, i’m not really sure. anyway. so the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) became my latest victim in the mission to purge the smelly drawer. i slathered some on my tootsies, cover them up with some sockies, go about my day, then read the directions.

Apply liberally to

rough and calloused skin of

the feet before retiring and

cover with cotton socks.

about this time angelo walks in the door.

me: baby, i’m afraid i have to retire.

angelo: what?

me: i have to retire.

angelo: why do you have to retire?

me: because i put on the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) and you have to retire after applying it.

angelo: you don’t have a job to retire from!

me: oh, well, i retire from housework.

angelo: you definitely don’t do any housework. tell you what, how about you retire from not doing anything.

me: i don’t like that plan.

so, i retired from not doing anything for the day and then applied the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) the next day so i could retire from doing stuff. then i tossed the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) because i didn’t like being retired from not doing anything.