not me #2!

started by mckmama, “not me monday” spread like wildfire. blogger’s from around the world confess the things they DID NOT do the previous week, and then link it back to mckmama’s blog for the world to gaze upon, gasp and then judge. here is my contribution. i hope you will contribute as well.

this week:

  1. i DID NOT ask angelo to purchase more disposable diapers. we only use cloth diapers here. and had i asked him to purchase more disposables (which I DIDN’T) i WOULD NOT have requested the large box of them.
  2. i DID NOT put a cloth diaper cover over a disposable diaper in order to get this shot.
  3. i DID NOT just lose all the pictures on my laptop!
  4. i DID NOT spend all day at my mom’s house playing “diner dash”.
  5. i DID NOT forget to meet the bus to retrieve the neighbor boy because i was (NOT) playing “diner dash”.
  6. i DID  NOT delegate pick-up-the-kids duty to angelo because i was (NOT) playing “diner dash”.
  7. i DID NOT wake up, go to church, come home, go to sleep, wake up, see “spring awakening” and then have dinner with my mom, come home, go to sleep. in the few hours i was home, i was productive and helpful…
  8. i DID NOT temporarily forget where i was and to whom i was talking to when i said the term “butt rape” in front of my religious education class full of high school freshmen (that would be 14 year olds y’all).
  9. i DID NOT fail to have my meds refilled and skip two days of it only to have a complete meltdown thinking everyone had abandoned me.
  10. i DID NOT fail to fold laundry (again).
  11. i DO NOT currently have six-ish (seven-ish? eight-ish? more-ish?) loads of laundry that need to be folded.
  12. i DID NOT in a fit of rage use “f***in!” several times at the top of my voice.
  13. i DID NOT then hear five year old moira use the same word (in context) moments later.

so, yeah.

*this is over the course of several weeks.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear – that f***in thing is going to get us someday too. Our Moira already repeats everything we say.

  2. When did you get a laptop and was I there when you were playing Diner Dash?

  3. Posted by theerin on November 19, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    mom, i’ve had it for a while. yeah, you were there when i was playing diner dash. if you read the last line, it said this was actually over the course of the past several weeks.

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