cleaning the smelly basket

so, i have an elfa three drawer basket thing in my bathroom. in the top basket i keep hair products: hair spray, heat protectors, mousse, gel, smoothing milk, sculpting putty, etc. in the bottom drawer, more hair stuff: blow dryer, straightening iron, curling iron, curlers, brushes, combs (there is ANOTHER small drawer in the linen closet that holds the clippies, elastic bands, headbands, etc). this post is not about the multitude of hair products i own though (mostly because i use most of those products most of the time. mostly.) no, this is about the basket between the hair baskets. this is about the smelly basket.

the smelly basket contains deoderants, body sprays, perfumes, lotions, creams, bath salts, exfoliators, feet refreshers, hand refreshers, face refreshers, belly button refreshers and so on. this collection just grows. it doesn’t ever shrink. that’s because, with the exception of the deoderant, i don’t use any of this stuff on a regular basis. i use some of it for a short while, then i stop using it, then i’ll remember there is more in there than deoderant, so i’ll start using something else from it for a bit, then quit again. rinse and repeat.

one of the pieces in the smelly basket is a tube of burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E). i believe it came in a package of sample’s for burt’s bees, i’m not really sure. anyway. so the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) became my latest victim in the mission to purge the smelly drawer. i slathered some on my tootsies, cover them up with some sockies, go about my day, then read the directions.

Apply liberally to

rough and calloused skin of

the feet before retiring and

cover with cotton socks.

about this time angelo walks in the door.

me: baby, i’m afraid i have to retire.

angelo: what?

me: i have to retire.

angelo: why do you have to retire?

me: because i put on the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) and you have to retire after applying it.

angelo: you don’t have a job to retire from!

me: oh, well, i retire from housework.

angelo: you definitely don’t do any housework. tell you what, how about you retire from not doing anything.

me: i don’t like that plan.

so, i retired from not doing anything for the day and then applied the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) the next day so i could retire from doing stuff. then i tossed the burt’s bees coconut foot creme (with vitamin E) because i didn’t like being retired from not doing anything.


2 responses to this post.

  1. However, I knew something was up. Lol. You’re pretty good at being retired over @ my house. Lol. It’s fun! 😉

  2. Posted by Dad McKee on October 13, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    I think Angelo should refuse your letter of resignation.

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