acl fest day 3

the mud day. that’s pretty much it. nothing big to report. at any point last week if you went onto google and typed in “austin”, “acl”, “fest”, “park”, “mud”, “rain”, “dirt”, “zilker” or “festival”, pictures and articles about the mud pit that was acl fest day three probably took over the first page of your search. i, like many other festival goers, took off my shoes in order to squish my toes in the mud. in all h0nesty, it was much easier to clean off my feet than it would have been to clean off my shoes and socks later on. i saw many a-white shoe wearer attempting to keep their shoes white and had to giggle to myself. i saw many pairs of shoes and flip-flops left to fend for themselves in the mud. it was definitely something you had to get over. there was mud everywhere, and there was NOTHING you could do about it. if you were there, some part of you was going to be muddy. good luck. it was a blast.

as for the music. i saw two shows, then left. david garza was first. i was able to be right up front for him. i can’t tell you if i like his music, because i couldn’t hear him. well, i heard the music, but as for singing, nada. at the end, i found i was not the only one. someone failed in the sound department. next was the toadies. i knew all of two of the songs. had a nice spot against the fence again. again after they were done i tried to move up. again i ended up with people all around me and the prospect of standing for the next four hours. again, i said goodbye. erin needs to plan better next year.


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