acl fest day 2

dry, dry summer…wet, wet acl fest. day 2 was dubbed the rainy day, as it…well…rained all day.

texas land and cattle has cheaper parking and is closer to the park. last year my dad and i found that the baptist church across mopac from the park had $20 parking. we had been taking the shuttle from down town but would walk back at the end of the night as the line for the shuttles back was ridiculously long. so on the first day, that’s where ian and i parked. on day 2, there was a guy holding a sign for parking at texas land and cattle which is on the same side of mopac as the park and was $5 cheaper. so that’s where we parked.

felice brothers. awesome find. it was suggested to me on day 1 that i check out the felice brothers. so i did, and i’m glad i did! i enjoyed them so much that i ended up purchasing their new album later on in the day. this is also where the OCD got out of hand as the guy standing in front of me was wearing a camelback and one of the straps was twisted. it was after 45 minutes of staring at it, i tapped his shoulder and informed him of it. he fixed it and we all (he was there with a group) had a good laugh about it. although now i’m sure they talk about me as the “crazy strap girl”.

lunch was better today with a hot and crunchy chicken and avacado cone from some place with “cone” in the name. it was actually hudson’s on the bend presenting the mighty cone. basically, it is a piece of chicken and an avacodo slice coated in a spicyness and thrown on a tortilla with cole slaw and some sort of dressing wrapped up and put into a cone (like the drinking water cones). it was delicious.

does this lip balm also do dishes? i forgot my lip balm so i bought some at the general store in the soco art market, it was $3. it’s great stuff, but not that great.

mute math. must be the new math. i didn’t stay to see the whole show. but they were pretty decent.

flogging molly in the rain. not as barbaric as you would think. i REALLY enjoyed them. what made it even better was that it was raining the entire time they were on. i had an umbrella, but it’s hard to rock on while holding an umbrella. i also had a jacket, but it was sticking to my arms, so i took it off. my glasses were useless as the only thing i could see with them were the raindrops that were on them, so they came off as well. i also picked up their latest cd later on in the day. they are playing st. patty’s day in tempe, az…road trip anyone?

mos def. sweet spot. man i gotta pee. after flogging molly was mos def and then the ghostland observatory. when flogging molly finished their set, i was able to move up closer to the stage. however, my bladder let me know that it was full. mos def was not on for another hour, he was going to play for an hour, then another hour before the ghostland observatory who would play for an hour. my bladder was not going to wait four hours. i gave up my spot.

long line. umpteen million porta johns, and everyone is at this particular row. uncool man, way uncool.

more shopping and shut out. hit up the waterloo records tent and picked up the aforementioned cd’s. at that time, flogging molly was doing a signing, unfortunately, when i got there, they were no longer letting people in line. bummer.

early leave. at this point, there weren’t any other bands on that i REALLY wanted to see. dave matthews was going to be on that night, and while i like his music, the only song i really wanted to hear was “satellite”, and here is why…12 years ago, my mom was driving me to driver’s ed. the radio was playing and the long intro for dave matthews’ “satellite” come on.

“oh, it’s the satellite song” my mom says.

i just nod my head and continue looking out the window. a few seconds later…

“doesn’t it sound like he is saying “satellite”? she asks.

that’s when i turn my head, look at her with all of my 16 year old “i can’t believe you don’t know this” attitude and tell her:

“mom, he is.”

so, for the past 12 years, anytime i hear “satellite” come on the radio, i’ll call her and say:

“mom mom! it’s the satellite song!”

how awesome would that have been to call her and say “mom mom! it’s the satellite song!” while he was playing it live?

anyway, as i mentioned before, iwas sticking around for ghostland observatory because i heard they put on a really great show, but i didn’t know any of there music. the decemberists were playing somewhere at this point and had heard that i should check them out, but i didn’t, and i’m a little sad about that now. anyway, i headed out.

skating rink. “a” permit parking started out in the grass. it was now in the mud. very slick mud. it was not much different than being on a skating rink. little did i know, it was just a pre-cursor to what day 3 was going to bring.

home! decent day. the two acts i saw in their entirety were great. the rain just made it more exciting.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by SmokeTX on October 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    So what about day three?

  2. Posted by Ryan on November 7, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    Flogging Molly! I’m jealous. They always put on a great show.

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