acl fest day 1

how do we get there? i had an idea where zilker park was, but wasn’t completely sure. not to mention the church where we were supposed to park. we did end up finding it pretty quickly.

cop chewed out honker behind us. we were at an intersection waiting to turn left (at a stop sign). a bus was coming so we waited. the guy behind wasn’t thrilled with that so he honked at us. then we heard yelling from the cop manning the intersection. he was chewing out the guy for being a jerk. we know this because i stopped and asked him on our walk to the festival.

goodbye ian. we made it! grabbed our wristbands and headed in. we each grabbed a program then went our seperate ways. i didn’t see ian again until after the festival was over.

less stuff is more. two years ago my dad and i brought coolers and other various items. last year we had the double stroller for olivia and all of her accoutrements. this year, all i had was my bag containing a sheet for sitting on, an empty water bottle, dried pineapple chunks, my wallet and itinerary. i found my first act, threw down my sheet and copped a squat. so awesome.

troubles with twitter. i wanted to twitter from my phone throughout the day, but my phone was being an ass about it. i think i got out two tweets.

asleep at the wheel.

blitzen trapper. they were awesome. i really enjoyed them and have plans to purchase their music. i can’t wait to see them again.

browsing. the shops at ACL carry some awesome stuff.

not so great fish tacos. it probably didn’t help that they were pre-made. this was my first foray into the world of fish tacos. next time i’ll try them freshly made.

purchasing. i couldn’t stop thinking about a dress i saw in one of the shops, so i went back to purchase it. it’s cute.

coheed and cambria-nebraska/dallas girls. wanting to be near the stage for the kings of leon, i sat through two other shows in order to try to claim a spot. the first one was coheed and cambria. i got there before they started and met a couple of women who had the same plan. they shared their sunscreen (i forgot to bring some so this was the first time i had applied any all day. as it was the only thing to burn was the backs of my knees. go figure.), and we chit-chatted. good times. one of them lives in lincoln, nebraska, the other in dallas.

movin on up. after coheed and cambria, we were able to move closer to the stage. in doing so, we met…

connie, amy, james & paul(?). amy and james were married and they were with paul(?). the three of them were from L.A. and were in austin to do a photo shoot with lance armstrong for oakley. james is a photographer, amy is a producer and paul(?) worked for oakley (not really sure what he did). lance gave them photo and media wristbands to the festival (which came in handy later). connie was there by herself.

thievery corporation. they were pretty awesome. i didn’t expect to enjoy them, but i did. during their show we met another group of people and formed…

our nation. our “group” was now 12 people strong and we were pretty protective of our area. we gave people trying to squeeze through the miniscule spaces between us a hard time. if you have a thing about your personal space, this was not the place to be.

bathroom run down the aisle. james and i needed to make a potty run. being fairly close to the stage with 10,000+ people behind us, it was not going to be an easy trip. remember when i mentioned amy, james and paul’s(?) wristbands? well, amy slipped hers off, i slipped it on, james and i jumped over the fence to the security/media/special guests aisle and were able to skip most of the crowd. we were stopped by a security gaurd, but james talked us through. nobody stopped us on the way back. it was pretty awesome.

no more sitting. before the coheed and cambria and then the thievery corporation shows, we were able to sit. after thievery corporation, it wasn’t possible. we were being run into while standing, had we sat, they would have been tripped over.

weed, weed everywhere. this is austin, this is a music festival, did you really expect any different?

kings of leon. another great show. what our nation was waiting for. definitely worth the wait. i’d love to see them again as well.

eddie vedder. yeah, he showed up to play the last song of the night with kings of leon. completely unexpected. completely awesome.

how do i get back? zilker looks very different in the dark trying to find my way back to the car. ian was already there trying to talk me through. i soon found my way. ian started to come back to find me. instead he found israel.

israel is falling…down drunk. israel had stumbled across mopac’s access road and fell over the blockade into the grass. at this time ian was passing by. i came upon them while ian was trying to convince israel that no, he was not alright and that he needed help. he was so inebriated, he was convinced he wasn’t. at one point, after israel had fallen down again, lindsey stopped to help. her boyfriend was none to pleased about the situation and was trying to convince her to leave. thankfully they stuck around as at this point ian had gone off to find some help. he was told that there was a cab service at the church (where we were parked and to take him there).

nobody will help. we arrive at the church to find it cab-less. i explained our situation to the traffic cop, but he was more concerned with directing traffic than helping out. they did finally get a cabbie to come who ended up being useless because he was close to shift change and couldn’t take this guy home. he then tried to drive off while other people were getting into his cab. i don’t have a lot of pleasant things to say about him.

somebody finally helps! finally i called 911 because i didn’t know what else to do. in tears, i explained to the dispatcher the situation and he started collecting information to get someone out there. by this time there were two officers with israel and ian and they took over. ian and i were able to leave.


i had a good time, ian says he did. the weather was great. i can’t wait to go back today, even if it is raining.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amanda on October 3, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Fish tacos?! Seriously? lol

  2. Posted by Dad McKee on October 3, 2009 at 6:24 am

    How were The Kings of Leon?

  3. Posted by SmokeTX on October 3, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Update is great. Man I wish I had been there.

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  5. Posted by Nikki on April 24, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I passed out during Blitzen Trapper… 😛

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