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i am still laying in bed becausei am not feeling well.

i hear a noise coming from outside.

familiar, but not heard recently in these parts.

i throw on some clothes and head outside.

olivia joins me and is giggling and clapping at the sight we are beholding.

the neighbor boys are outside with their mother, and they are dancing.

it is raining.


to-do list

so i made a list of things i have to do today:

  • clean the master bathroom.
  • empty and load the dishwasher. empty again if necessary.
  • laundry. fold and put away everything that is clean. wash diapers, towels, blankets and any basket that is at least 1/2 full.
  • clean the bedroom (incl. the nightstand)
  • find a spot for boxes
  • vacuum kitchen, living room and bedroom
  • write a blog post

see, that last one is crossed off, because i wrote a blog post. yeah, you’re reading it! isn’t that fantastic!

i believe meli-mello will be the first one to come on and say “THAT DOESN’T COUNT!” mostly because everyone else who reads my blog, i have contact with pretty much everyday.