you may now call me “swim mom”

so it was very evident early on that miss. moira loved the water. when she was less than a year old, we visited barton springs. the water temperature year round is a chilly 68 degrees fahrenheit (20 celsius). the water temp has to be at least 80 (26.66) before i will even THINK about going in. angelo took aidan in, and aidan wanted right back out. i took moira to the edge of the water to splash around in, and she kept trying to go into the water. remember, she is less than a year old. she thought it was great fun.

soon after, angelo’s parents had a large in ground pool put in their backyard. we went down there when it was being filled up, and once again, moira couldn’t keep away from the water. she is the first one to start swimming at around easter, and is the last one to get out around thanksgiving. of course, let’s not forget new year’s day.

the first summer the pool was in, aidan wasn’t to keen on it. mostly because at the time, he had tubes in his ears and DESPISED having the ear plugs put in so he could swim. he didn’t swim a whole lot that first summer.

both kids learned how to swim early on, and we decided we had to find a swim team when they became of age. this year was that year.

our town doesn’t have a swim team. the nearest one is 38 miles away, but we decided with their love of the water, it was worth it. so we filled out the paper work, gave them an arm and a leg and was told swim practice would be tuesday through friday starting with the first tuesday of the month. oh, and they need to be able to swim across the pool in under a minute. 25 meters in under a minute. okie-dokie, we had a month to get them there. you see, swimming wasn’t a problem, you can throw them both in the water, and they can tread water and swim to the nearest exit…not with any amount of speed though. after we started working with them, aidan caught on no problem…moira, however, kept stopping to dance in the middle of her swim. apparently, she is more suited for synchronized swimming.

the first day of practice came and the kids had a wonderful time. wednesday’s practice came with the first time trial. aidan made it! moira, not so much. 1 minute, 17 seconds. the assistant coach said she wasn’t worried about it. everyone was very impressed how comfortable they both were in the water. no apprehension whatsoever. we spent all day thursday at angelo’s parents working on moira’s swimming.

problem areas:

  • stops kicking and using arms when stopping to breathe.
  • doesn’t use arms very well.
  • is looking straight ahead when swimming creating a small drag.
  • likes to swim under the water which takes even longer.
  • when breathing in, goes from a horizontal position to a vertical position.

by the time we needed to leave, she had  it down. i was sure she would get it. she didn’t. in fact, she added three seconds to her time. she kicked the entire time, and held her head down, but didn’t use her arms and became distracted so every time she came up to breathe, she was looking in a different direction. not cool. i didn’t want to have to break the news to her if she didn’t make it on friday. i didn’t want to have to leave her at home when taking aidan to practice, or have to bring her along and she would have to watch everyone else swimming.

friday was again spent working on her form. when we arrived at practice, i reminded her about everything we had discussed. keep kicking, use your arms, head down and when breathing, look straight ahead.

i was practically in a panic when she swam her time trial. she did beautifully and did everything we had discussed. she swam her little heart out…and made it in 56 seconds. i cried. i was so happy. in the evening before bed when discussing the favorite parts of the day, making the swim team was the first thing she mentioned.

after moira’s time trial, the head coach and i were talking and i told her that moira had made it (she wasn’t at moira’s time trial). she was very excited and told me that she had decided thursday that she was going to have moira on the team because she had no problem with the water and could obviously swim. she told the assistant coach to let us know, but the assistant coach wanted to see how moira did on friday first. oy vey!

so, the kids are on their way in their first extra-curricular activity and are having a great time!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dad on May 9, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    You are about to embark on the most frustrating and wonderful experience. Please keep it fun for them.

  2. Posted by ladyevelynscrew on May 10, 2009 at 6:03 am

    YAY!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I am soooo excited! Lol, visions of moira is a swimcap keep floating in my head though!

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