for lack of a better title: i’m eating twizzlers, RIGHT NOW!

and they are so good.

so the angelo and his dad were slated to go to a food show in fort worth hosted by cd harnett on thursday and then golf with them on friday morning. which means that they were going to be gone for two days. i’m still recovering from his two months of being mostly gone and then of course the nervous breakdown from a couple of weeks ago…i was practically having panic attacks thinking about him being gone for two measly days.

thursday morning rolled around and i went to bed.

seven hours later i’m woken up by the angelo asking if i want to go to the food show with him because the steve was sick and the cook was sick so the angelo and the steve were up at 1am cooking tacos (i hope you didn’t eat tacos thursday morning) and the steve is now feeling worse and is not going to the food show. it’s a three hour drive to fort worth and the angelo has been up since 1am. putting him behind the wheel of a vehicle is like giving him a sleeping pill. there was no way he was going to be driving to fort worth by himself.

my mom (being wonderful) agrees to take the kids. the abigail (also wonderful) offers to take the bigs until 5pm because our kids had not been together for, like, a day and were going through withdrawal. fabulous. the kids were dropped off at their respective temporary homes and the angelo and i were on our way. he drove for the first 20 minutes. after seeing my life flash before my eyes one too many times, i took over.

we lunched at sonic, at some point i drove in a “truck exit only” drive, yadda, yadda, whatever. BAM! we’re there. 20 minutes later we find our parking spot. not only was the will rogers memorial center hosting the food show, but a job fair and a trauma convention all at once. the place was packed to the gills.

so anyway, the food show was really not that interesting. unless, of course you are looking for new product to put into your store. i would like to mention though, seriously, if we said that we are purchasing your product to put into the store, you don’t need to keep trying to sell us on it. seriously.


the drawing at the end of the show, did absolutely nothing for us. lame.

our hotel was next to the “liq-o-rama”. awesome.

our hotel didn’t have small children in it demanding our attention and care. double awesome.

CDH fed us and then we went to bed early because we are old like that, we know how to party, we had been up really early and were tired. well, the angelo slept, i watched mind numbing TV. also really awesome.

it wasn’t my first choice for an impromptu minimini vacation, but i’m not complaining.

thank you mom for housing our children.

thank you abigail for hosting our children.

and for feeding the fish.

and for feeding sam.

and for letting sam out.


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