damn you stephanie meyer!

sorry i was MIA. i was preoccupied with….ah…something. i’d really rather not say, because, quite frankly, it’s rather embarrassing. especially when my 11 year old brother in law said the girls in his class were going nuts over the same thing that had me so enthralled. um…yeah.


so olivia has stood unassisted a couple of times and is quite proud of herself.  she’s also discovering cause and effect which is fascinating to watch. it’s so cool to see when the synapses connect in these little guys.

i remember when aidan discovered his alphabet mat could come apart. he accidentally took off one of the pieces and was astonished by what he had done. then the realization came over his face…”if this one came off, the rest must be able to come off too!” the thing was never in one piece again.

i really have nothing new to report. both of my best friends are a thousand miles away and i’m miserable without them. *le sigh*.

carry on.


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  1. Posted by ladyevelynscrew on March 31, 2009 at 6:06 am

    I miss you too!!!!!! If the puking, coughing and diarehha that I am watching subsides long enough for an afternoon nap I shall give you a call =)

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