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happy birthday!

a friend of mine from grade school (we’ll have known each other for 20 years this fall…YIKES!) is 28 today.

go here and wish her a happy birthday!

also remind her that she will hit 30 before me (by a whopping six days).


at the time it wasn’t funny…but now…

from my twitter:

destroying my teeth on rock candy. soo good.

damn you stephanie meyer!

sorry i was MIA. i was preoccupied with….ah…something. i’d really rather not say, because, quite frankly, it’s rather embarrassing. especially when my 11 year old brother in law said the girls in his class were going nuts over the same thing that had me so enthralled. um…yeah.


so olivia has stood unassisted a couple of times and is quite proud of herself.  she’s also discovering cause and effect which is fascinating to watch. it’s so cool to see when the synapses connect in these little guys.

i remember when aidan discovered his alphabet mat could come apart. he accidentally took off one of the pieces and was astonished by what he had done. then the realization came over his face…”if this one came off, the rest must be able to come off too!” the thing was never in one piece again.

i really have nothing new to report. both of my best friends are a thousand miles away and i’m miserable without them. *le sigh*.

carry on.

who to organize my house?

remember this bit:

“after visiting your abode, what they [your parents] end up gifting you with is (depending on how much they love you how much they can afford) either house cleaning services for a month or a broom, a mop and a bucket.”

from this post?

well my mom stopped by yesterday, and after climbing over the mountain of stuff blocking the way from my front door to the couch, she decided enough was enough. it’s not a broom, a mop and a bucket…and it’s not even house cleaning services for a month…but she has decided that a professional home organizer needs to pay me a visit.

yah, i know. that. is. awesome. go here and shower her with love.

so, here is where you come in. there are two that we are deciding between (of course if the one doesn’t call me back soon, the choice will be clear…).

Serein from Arranging it All


Dust Bunny Designs.

based on their sites (or if you wish to call them, be my guest) who would you choose?

palo duro disaster….again.

so, it’s kind of a running  joke that whenever we go to palo duro, there is some sort of catastrophe. up until now, it has been weather related.

  • oct. 2002-the angelo and i visited palo duro for the first time. we woke up after our first night and found water in our tent, and a murky swimming pool surrounding it. we had to make a pretty impressive leap out of the tent door to the left to clear the puddle (there is a picture around here somewhere). the rest of the trip went off without a hitch and we even stayed an extra day.
  • march 2005: this trip was to include the angelo’s family, my mom, the ian, luis (foriegn exchange student living with my parents at the time) the angelo, the two big kids and myself driving north to palo duro while the conor and the amanda drove south from lincoln, NE to palo duro. the conor and the amanda still drove in, but only my mom, the ian and luis ended up making the drive from our neck of the woods. problems with the family business caused the angelo and his parents to stay, and i didn’t want to go without him, so i stayed as well. anyway, it snowed that year. yeah, IT SNOWED.
  • march 2006: the ian, the two bigs and myself drove north (once again, the angelo had to stay behind due to work) while the conor, the amanda and three of their friends drove south. winds like you wouldn’t believe. winds that broke a telephone pole in canyon, tx (the town near palo duro CANYON). winds that snapped a tent pole on the conor and the amanda’s tent as well. fortunately the gusties lasted for a day and once again, the rest of the trip went off without a hitch.
  • march 2007: this time, the angelo made it up with myself, the bigs and the ian, while the conor, the amanda, the amanda’s brother and his girlfriend at the time made it down. this year…fire. fire never made it into the canyon, but it made it close enough that we almost had to evacuate (so i guess there wasn’t a TRUE disaster that year, but it was pretty fuckin’ scary).
  • march 2008: we didn’t make it this year because the amanda had the AUDACITY to have a baby when we would have gone. obviously, we knew the moment she announced her pregnancy and the due date was figured out. can you believe the nerve of her?
  • march 2009: so, the angelo and my mom were supposed to leave at 6am 3/13. the van we borrowed to pack all of the gear in had a broken windshield wiper motor. it was discovered on 3/12. the part is being overnighted but it looks like nobody will be leaving here until 10am tomorrow. oh, but it doesn’t end there. the amanda and the ethan were supposed to fly into houston the afternoon of 3/13. the kids and i were going to pick them up. little ethan (whose first birthday was on 3/13) was running a high temperature in the late afternoon of 3/12. little ethan’s dad (the conor) had been diagnosed with strep. the amanda called me at about 10:30pm CST which would be 11:30pm her time). when i answered the phone, i said

            “i don’t want to hear bad news!”.

            she replied with…get this…”so you want me to hang up?’

           “lay it on me.”

ethan was still running a high fever and had a nasty cough. oh, and her flight into houston to land at 1pm on 3/13, had been cancelled. yeah, something about mechanical problems in dallas with a handful of planes and a bunch of american airline flights had been cancelled. i’m not really clear on the details.

she scheduled another flight to land in amarillo (just north of canyon) at 12:40pm on saturday 3/14. i was pretty bummed about having to drive up there without her.

ethan had croup and was pretty miserable for the first couple of days.

as my mom and the angelo drove closer and closer to palo duro, the temperature was dropping, and IT WAS SNOWING! it didn’t stick, but we were pretty worried.

saturday afternoon, my mom, the angelo, the amanda and the ethan met my dad and i at the top of the canyon when we arrived. when we all drove back to the bottom and made it to our site, the van died. like dead.

we had some nasty wind on saturday night that knocked our collapsible pavillion into a tree, but otherwise it was undamaged (and had it not blown into the tree, it would have been across the canyon…so…you know…small blessings).

sunday through wednesday were beautiful. aside from a croupy ethan, everything went great. beautiful weather during the day, chilly at night. perfect. angelo jumpd the battery on wednesday and the van seemed to be agreeable.

thursday morning, things changed. the van didn’t want to cooperate. so the angelo and i drove into canyon and picked up a battery. put it in, the van was happy. until, it wasn’t. the angelo made it about two and a half hours before it died again. the amanda and i with the kids continued on home, while my parents and angelo bought three more batteries that would get him home.

because of a stop we made, the amanda and i ended up back behind my parents and the angelo again, but everyone made it home. the kids did wonderfully until about two hours until home, the babies started to protest. we drove for about 20 minutes with jason mraz turned way up to drown out the sound of baby banshee screams (i checked to make sure nobody was visibly in pain and even dosed out some teething tablets just in case). we stopped for a bit and cuddeled our babies which calmed them down then stuck them back in their seats which pissed them off, but they gave it up very soon after and the rest of our normally-a-nine-hour-ended-up-being-a-twelve-hour trip home went well.

the good:

on st. patty’s day, the angelo, the amanda, all the kids and i tried to hike out to the lighthouse. we hiked for two hours, then had to turn back due to the walking kids about to violently protest going any further. we were very close.

on that same day, olivia started to sign “more”!

that night we ate at the big texan. two years ago, the amanda’s brother, chris, tried to eat the 72oz. steak meal. he, unfortunately, did not finish. the night we went this year, two people tried it. we did not stay to see if they finished as our table was right up front and there was a throng of people standing around the stage watching the contestants. this meant we had a lot of butt right at table level. not cool.

my mom played camp cookie and made wonderful meals for us every night (except the night we ate at the big texan). so while our camping neighbors were downing ham and cheese sandwiches (ok, i don’t know exactly what they were eating), we were feasting on beef guinness. it was awesome.

it was nice to sit around every evening and not be tempted to watch tv, play on the www, mop the floor (not that i’m tempted to do THAT at home) or anything else that distracts from just enjoying the beauty of the world around us.  at night while laying in our beds, we would hear the coyotes howling in the distance or listen as deer wandered around our campsites.

a great time was had by all, and i look forward to doing it again (yes, even with the chance that something even more undesirable could happen to TRY to prevent us from returning).

oooh, i’m late!

if you don’t know why i’m late, then don’t worry about it. if you do, well then, you are not doing your job very well and are therefore FI-YAHD!

oh, and before anyone freaks out and shoots off an e-mail demanding to know why, after declaring i was absolutely not having any more, am i late! um, yeah, not that kind of late. no, that, as it turns out will be starting next week DURING OUR CAMPING TRIP! seriously, wtf?

so anyway, back to what really counts.

today was a terribly trying tuesday. it started, as everyday does, with that whole waking up bit. if i could just skip that part, that would be great. so within two hours of that waking up bit, i was bombarded with some drama. as neither one actually involved me, i cannot divulge the nature of their drama-iness, but let’s just say my poor, poor pms self needed a drink by 10am.

now, you’re asking yourself…how did bits of other peoples lives affect you so? i mean really, nothing about what happened this morning was going to actually affect you in anyway whatsoever (and it really wasn’t ALL THAT DRAMATIC ANYWAY), so why all the pity-me-my-friends-lives-are-so-dramatic bit erin?

and i say to you, that i am just such an empathetic person, that it pained me to see those i care about going through all this….PAIN…that it, quite frankly, wore me out. i mean, you should pity me for being so caring that things that don’t affect me at all, have such an effect. just…just thinking about it makes me all…VERKLEMPT!


so, that stupid pre-camping list, is…well…stupid. i can’t believe i actually made it.

(what she means is that it’s only the end of tuesday, and she is SO FAR BEHIND that it is just ridiculous).

stupid list.

so the kids were eating a very healthy and square lunch of tostitos when the moira called out “mommy, eating chips makes my heart turn colors”.


holy mountain of clothes batman!

so i just finished sorting all the clothes that need to be washed…let’s just say i have barely enough time to finish washing them before heading off to palo duro (are you sick of hearing about palo duro yet?) if i go according to the schedule. this brought me to the realization of a couple of facts:

  • this is embarrasing. a) because it means i have gone a reeeeeally long time without washing clothes and b) it means we have THAT MANY clothes. i mean seriously, i didn’t think we really had that many clothes. i should probably purge so that we don’t have an embarrasing amount of clothes and so i won’t go so long without doing laundry. anyone want our clothes?
  • we wear a lot of dark clothes. we have enough darks to do three loads, and barely enough to do one lights load. we also have a lot of reds/pinks/oranges, but we do have two girls and we are UT fans, so that makes sense…but the darks, not so much. we also have a lot of jeans. like, it took two loads to wash our dirty jeans. two.