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crap toys

so we have a box under the bench in our entryway that’s for items to donate. there’s an empty photo album in there, an insulated lunch box we recieved from our bank (they also gave us two mugs some chip clips, pens etc. the angelo said he’d rather have the $50 they spent on that stuff than the stuff. i agree.) and some “crap toys”. you know those toys…mcd’s happy meal toys mostly. they have no real purpose but to junk up the toy box, make annoying noises and cause our kids to fall madly in love with them. when trying to keep crap from coming into the house, these are the first to go. buh-bye.

so the bigs discovered this box and discovered the “lost toys” that until they saw them in that moment, didn’t even realize they were missing.

“oh, mommy, i wanted that dog. i don’t want to give it away.”

“no, seriously guys, this is a crap toy. if you want to keep it, you have to give up another toy.”

that was convincing enough for them and they put the crap toy back in the donate box.

an hour or so later, the moira comes up to me with a giraffe with david schwimmer’s voice coming out of it that had previously been housed in the plastic animals bin and told me “mommy, this is a crap toy, i’ll go put it in the donate box.”

small victories.



so, the olivia has been somewhat slow in the self-propelled transportation thing. she still doesn’t roll over unless on her pillow in her bed.

up until last weekend all she could do was:

  • push herself backwards
  • sit herself up on her own
  • rock on her hands and knees
  • sometimes pull herself up to standing
  • scoot (although this never became an official mode of transportation, she could do it)
  • spin herself around on her belly
  • spin herself around on her butt

no army crawling. i declared several times that she probably never would, because, quite frankly, it was undignified to drag oneself around on the ground like a snake.

saturday, that all changed as our baby moved forward while on her hands and knees. at first she would move her hands forward, then scoot her lower half forward (still on her hands and knees). i’m sorry to say, i did not record this. the past three days, she has really taken to it. yesterday morning as i was rummaging through her dresser draws, i looked up and saw her half-way across the room…crawling away from me.

because i am so excited that this child can finally move herself, i was determined to  capture this moment on camera. especially when it’s still kind of a stuttered crawling.

olivia crawling.

random goods

the aidan: why hasn’t papa built this yet (referring to a star wars lego ship)?

me: he’s still in the other city. it’s hard for him to build this there without his legos sweetheart.

the aidan: i’m not a ‘sweetheart’ i’m a boy! people aren’t supposed to call boys ‘sweetheart’.


every time i hear the song “i’m yours” by jason mraz…i text the angelo “i’m yours!”


the olivia was putting on the tired act so i put her in her bed with all her accoutrements. ten minutes later she is screaming. i go in there to rescue her from whatever atrocities she believes is happening to her and she is standing holiding onto the railing of her crib and screaming at the door. i honestly think she made it up there then became stuck. her little toes kept slipping between the mattress and crib rails.


that whole wisdom teeth removal going-to-spend-the-weekend-drugged bit was a little overblown on my part. i took a hydrocodone later friday (of which i have no recollection) and then one saturday morning and that was it.


i have a new phone that we bought on saturday after my hydrocodone induced nap. apparently when we went i was still under the influence because the woman was talking to us about the phones and i could not process anything she was saying. it was like ADD suffering from ADD. i ended up pointing to a phone then went out to the truck and left the rest up to the angelo. i now have a red pantech matrix.


the olivia is crawling. word.


the olivia is a little impatient when it comes to being fed. if her next bite didn’t come exactly 2.852 seconds after the previous one, she screamed at me.


we leave for palo duro in two weeks and three days…but who’s counting.


my dog licks the floor…and walls…and cabinets…


this is the angelo’s last week out-of-town!

this is the angelo’s last week out-of-town!

happy dance!

love you and miss you babe!

still not tues 2/24/09 :p

if you see me here tomorrow….

yes, i know i’m supposed to type up post-operative results and findings, but i haven’t, and will not until wednesday at the earliest. until then:

hear ye! hear ye!

the erin has declared that she will not be on the computer at all on tuesday feburary 24, 2009.

if you happen to find the erin on the computer, it is your duty to call and severely reprimand her.

because of the lateness of the hour, the erin cannot come up with anything witty to say (and in five minutes it will be tuesday feburary 24, 2009).

g’night (do not forget your duty!)

ugh! why do i torture myself?

it’s 11:18pm. i have to be at the dentist’s office by 9am. i need to be up by 6am to pack up kids stuff, take them to the store to purchase last minute items (namely formula for the olivia because i have enought left for, like, one bottle), drop off the rented movie i borrowed from the in-laws and be back by 8:15ish for my mother-in-law to pick up said kids and for my mom to pick me up to take me to the appointment of doom.

i need to be up in six hours and 40ish minutes. i need at least eight hours to be functional. due to the concious sedation i will be recieving, no caffeine. way to go erin!

have a great weekend.


edit: ok, it’s 11:42pm. i went ahead and prepared the kids’ impedimentia for tomorrow because that seemed to be the logical thing to do (yay brain function!) and am now off to bed. think of me and my teeth tomorrow, and later we can discuss why in the hell i am making such a big deal out of this wisdom teeth removal. g’night.

have 9.5 minutes to kill?

watch this vid.