coming soon! to my blog near you!

that doesn’t sound quite as cool.

so we bought a video camera back in early september/late august, and have recorded some interesting (ok maybe only to us) stuff…but because i am a technological idiot, i couldn’t seem to upload them. but, alas! i have figured it out! so you wanna know what was tripping me up? of course you do!

i had installed the software, recorded some video, connected the camera to the comp via USB port and viola! wait…no viola! (anyone wanna enlighten me on how to insert the accent over the “i” so it doesn’t look like i’m yelling in excitement “SLIGHTLY LARGER VIOLIN-LIKE INSTRUMENT!” thanks!) so, no slightly larger violin-like instrument. the screen on my camera was telling me to attach ac adapter. mega brain fart resulted in me yelling at the poor camera that it was plugged in to the ac adapter while at the same time detaching and reattaching the USB cable. it finally hit me (seriously, i have a lump on my head). i attached the ac adapter and now SLIGHTLY LARGER VIOLIN-LIKE INSTRUMENT! videos are uploading as we speak.

in one you’ll join me in one of the live music performances i have attended thus far, in another you’ll learn how to excercise your baby, and then there is the tower of men!

oh yeah, you know you can’t wait!


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