a first for me (re: FOOTBALL!)

so i did something on saturday that i never thought i would do after my marching band days were over in high school…i went to a football game. i originally was not going because all four tickets had been claimed, then the fourth went hunting instead (thanks jerry!). normally i would not have really cared to go, because i was not a football fan. quite honestly (much to the entertainment of the amanda), i didn’t understand the game. i didn’t know what a down was, pass interference was confusing to me because i didn’t understand why it was a penalty to interfere with a pass from the other team (wasn’t having the ball the point?). holding was another mystery (again, why was a penalty to prevent the other team from taking the ball to their endzone?). no idea.

so anyway, why i went…oh yeah…these weren’t just your run of the mill everyday tickets…no, the steve had been given suite tickets from brown distributing to the UT/Baylor game. after experiencing the wright distributing suite (and brown distributing’s) suite at the dell diamond, i was pretty sure this was going to be even suite-er.

our suite was in the north end of the stadium, pretty much right in the middle. if you go here, i believe we were either the two windows under “con” in “conference” plus the two windows to the right, or the two windows under “con” plus the ones to either side. anyway, this was our view:


pretty amazing if i say so myself.

anyway, after watching a bit, i figured what a down was, and was then taught what pass interference actually meant, as well as holding and horse collaring. i’m sure there are plenty of other terms i have yet to learn…but i am now willing and excited to learn them.

everyone had a great time, even the olivia


(we were intending to leave all three kids with my parents, but the olivia was being very clingy, so she tagged along). yes, she is wearing a head squisher, but my youngest child, if not wearing pink, could be mistaken for a boy, and i did not feel like fielding that question all day.

i am eager to return, even if it is just regular seating.


more photos on my flickr


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