moira made it up the tree and was very proud of herself:

then the kennel katastrophe. we’re crate training sam. she’s doing well in it. when i tell her “kennel”, she goes to it (yay). she spends the night in it because i don’t trust her roaming the house while we are all asleep. first thing in the morning i take her out to relieve herself and do some playing. halloween morning was no different, except the odor of dog fecal matter was leaking out of her kennel (it’s kept in the garage because she prefers it in there-i dunno). “i’ll take care of it soon”.

soon turned into early afternoon. i grab the flashlight to find the poop logs, and what i found was not so much a poop log pile, but more of a shit-o-rama! she had eaten something that did not agree with her and the end result was all over the kennel. well, my natural response is “ANGELO!”, but, this is MY dog. i am responsible for feeding, walking, letting out and picking up any messes produced by said dog, per our agreement for owning a dog.



so i put on my big girl panties and took care of the mutt mess. the blanket in there for her comfort was tossed-yeah, i’m not putting that in my washing machine! it was so offensive to the olfactory senses, that cleaning had to be done inbetween breaths of fresh air. i once held it too long and wasn’t able to fully escape the bubble of disgustingness before taking in a small breath…and regretted it.

tears folks, tears.

the sloppy shit covered bone was tossed to the side while cavern of crap was cleaned. after the cleaning was done and i was tossing the items used for cleaning away, the bone was not where i had tossed it. looking around, i found it…being chewed on by the dog!

seriously sam!

the culprit of the sodom and gomorrah type disaster? a can of dog food. the day before angelo had fed her a can of dog food that i like to reserve for sundays as a treat. i was away somewhere, and he couldn’t find her dry food. she hadn’t had the canned stuff, and still had to be weaned from the science diet the animal shelter had been feeding her.

so next time you hear “wean your dog from the food she was eating to the new stuff”, remember me, and remember why.

now back to the cute stuff!

preparing for halloween: i wanted to curl the moira’s hair…curlers seemed the easiest way to do it. when first told about my plans, she was pretty unhappy about it…”i don’t want curlies in my hair, it will huuuurt!”. i told her we would try just one, and if she didn’t like it, we wouldn’t do anymore. i put the first one in on the front, she looked in the mirror and laughed…success! she even asked today to have “curlies” put in:

the moira and fievel

the moira and fievel

 the end result:

a purple bat and indiana jones

a purple bat and indiana jones

i know it’s sideways, tilt your head, i’ll fix it later.
the end.

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