to show you how much we missed you, we took a picture of the dog!

the angelo and his dad left for fort worth today for a food show, and will not be back until tomorrow afternoon sometime. to express to the angelo how much we missed him while he was gone, i wanted to take a picture of the four of us with clown frown’s and teardrops drawn on our faces. poking around the house, i found washable (very important!) crayola markers. the closest i had to red was “raspberry”, and for blue i had “azure”. so i painted up the aidan, then the moira, then myself and last but not least the olivia. the olivia didn’t quite understand what was going on, so she cooperated long enough for the tears. after a few touch-ups, i marched everyone outside to lay in the grass for our photo.

so now we’re all laying in the grass, i hold the camera up looking down at (hopefully) all of us, push the button halfway so it focuses, and i’m failing to hear the focused-now-ready-to-snap-a-picture-beep (did i mention the olivia was not exactly thrilled to be laying in the grass?), so i try again…again, nothing. i turn the camera around, verify it’s on, then try to take a picture of the sandbox…nothing. guess what! the battery is dead! yay! photo session is over until further notice.

it took 2.5 hours for the battery to fully recharge, i spent that entire time using my voodoo powers to ward off anyone thinking of coming to my door (i was still in make-up) and the aidan asked no less than five times if he could clean the marker off of his face because “it’s bothering me” . being the mean mother that i am and not wanting to redo his face again, i made him leave it on. only the olivia returned to her sparkly clean face and that was because during her dinner, she had managed to wipe off her tears. so anyway, the battery is finally done, time to try again. touch up everyone’s face (the o’s face stayed naked), and we’re now lying on the floor in the living room because it’s too dark outside.

yay! 12 snaps later and i take a peek at the results…yeah…i look terrible, and the only thing you can see of the olivia is the top of her head. stood up, took some shots of the kids and then we’re done. uploaded them…it looked like the kids raided the make-up drawer and smeared lipstick all over and around their lips.

so, i took a picture of the dog, because i had to have something to show for all of this.




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