my 16 year old brother in law probably saw me naked

like, most definitely saw me naked.

i was taking a nap after a shower when the olivia decided to wake up. she needed a diaper change, but there were no diapers in the room, so i went to the laundry room to grab one…i walked out of the bedroom into the five foot hallway to the kitchen, saw a shadow heading from the kitchen into the living room, which i believed to be the angelo’s, then saw the shadow’s owner, which was not the angelo, but the 16 year old brother of the angelo who was sneaking up on the aidan…the christopher. i muttered “oh jesus”, quickly turned around and ran back into the bedroom. do you know the actual distance of a five foot hallway when you are naked and someone who is not supposed to see you naked is in view?  it’s a lot longer than five feet folks! a lot longer!

in the split second i saw him before turning around to run the football field back to the bedroom, he was not looking directly at me, so if he looked, he didn’t view a full frontal, i don’t doubt he saw a profile, but most definitely a butt view…if he looked at all…i don’t plan on asking him.


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