Sept. 21, 2008

this post is in reference to this picture which is a part of this blog(

when the lglm5k first originated, i was going to be in central texas (home) at 1pm on 9/21. my mother, the olivia and i would have returned from a week long trip to south carolina the day before. when hurricane ike started gunning for houston (which is where we were supposed to be flying out of), my mom changed our flights so that at 1pm on 9/21 i was going to be in an airplane. when the airline cancelled all it’s flights for that weekend out of houston, we rescheduled again for a tuesday the 16th – tuesday the 23rd trip. sunday the 21st at 1pm was going to put me somewhere in charleston, south carolina. “somewhere” ended up being the south carolina aquarium.

i remembered liz, matt and madeline all throughout that week. liz sounds like she was an amazing individual and I have been inspired to make changes in my life because of her. i’m sorry i never met her, i’m even more sorry that madeline will never meet her and i’m sorry that madeline and matt have lost her. i hope with the memories others have of liz, madeline will have a beautiful picture of her mother.

thank you liz.


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