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i have rad kids, here’s some photos to prove it

helping to feed the olivia:

the moira taught the olivia how to sign “more”:

sam and olivia discussed whether or not they could eat a five pound hershey bar without me noticing:

then aidan did some tree climbing:

moira attempted to do some tree climbing:

and olivia was mad because she wasn’t tree climbing:

so we sent her down the colorado in a basket:

that was aidan’s idea:

the end.


this is halloween, this is halloween…

gpoyw-halloween edition

10lbs. of chocolate

i am happy to announce that the angelo is on his way back home, amd is bringing me 10lbs of chocolate! that’s a nice thought to wake up to…


for a couple of months in 2005, i watched a bichon frise for a friend of a friend. she was something else (both the dog, and the friend of a friend). i found my old myspace page where i documented a few things about said dog:

Sunday, September 16, 2005

Coco hit the Ford
Current mood: good

I’m listening to “Fairy Tales” by the Brobdingnagian Bards……

Notes from yesterday:

To Angelo…If I’m cooking in the kitchen and you suddenly hear me say “Open the windows!” with a sense of urgency in my voice please, don’t stop and ask “Why?”, just open the windows.

To my children…It would make Mommy very happy if you would play in the shaded 3/4 of the yard instead of the sunny part.  I know I once said that I was going to start slathering sunscreen on you first thing in the morning, I really don’t want to have to do that.



Aidan and I are sitting on the couch waiting for his morning drowsiness to wear off.  I suddenly hear screaming from outside, like someone yelling at someone else.  It continues, so Aidan and I open the front door to check it out.  Coco Chanel (not my dog I didn’t name her) zips past us out the front door, bounds across the front porch into the grass and rolls around.  Now I am simultaneously trying to get her back inside and see what the screaming is about.  In front of Laura’s house (where the screaming is coming from) is a cop car.  At the same time I notice this Coco scurries across the street to check out Laura’s neighbor’s dog (Harley lives inside an invisible fence, great for keeping your dog in, but not so great at keeping other animals out).  It is 7:30 in the morning so there are more cars out in the neighborhood now than say 10:30 in the morning (school buses too).  The chase is on.  Coco proceeds to cross the street three or four more times between my house and Laura’s house.  Harley’s owner (done with Laura’s situation) is trying to help out.  Coco (the little shit)  will run up to us just out of our reach, cock her little fuzzy head then run off as we go to grab her.  I am standing in Laura’s yard as Coco heads back to my yard,  I notice a tan Ford Explorer coming up the road to my left.  I am now screaming Coco’s name because I can tell what is about to happen.  I am frantically trying to catch the Ford drivers’ attention.  Things go into slow motion.  The Ford is coming closer, Coco is getting farther away.  One final scream of “COCO!” from me causes her to turn to look at me (she has not stopped running mind you).  The Ford starts to pass and Coco side swipes the front right tire.  Yes, Coco hit the Ford.  She bounces back then zips into my yard, onto the porch and into the house past Aidan who was standing at the door the whole time watching with great amusement because at the tender age of two, he has no clue that this was not amusing.

Coco is fine, sore but fine.  Laura was screaming because her son, Malachi (also two), had locked her out of the house (the screaming was because she kept talking to him through the door to get him to stay there).  She had a candle burning inside and (obviously) was worried that he would get to it.  The cop that was parked in front of the house kicked in the garage door.

So in the month I have been watching Coco, she has escaped my back yard without my knowing, I have taken her to a place where she was mauled by another dog and she was almost hit by a car.  Mary is concerned I might not want to watch Coco because of all this.  If my dog sitter almost killed my dog twice in less than a month (it’s a month tomorrow), I’d be finding a new dog sitter, but hey, to each their own.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita is coming to kill Coco.
Current mood: indifferent

So Hurricane Rita is coming in our direction.  I’ve figured out why too.  See, in the first month I had Coco (not my dog, I didn’t name her), she has almost died twice in my care.  Once by being mauled by another dog and then the whole car incident.  My theory is that God does not like Coco.  God wants Coco dead.  The day she hit the car is when this came to my realization.  I told Angelo that maybe I shouldn’t watch Coco anymore, God might try to send something bigger to kill Coco therefore endangering my family.  I was thinking more along the lines of a mack truck driving into my living room.  Apparently though, God thought a hurricane would do the trick.  If Rita stays on it’s projected path, it looks like she will stay just to the East of us.  We can still expect lots’o’rain and wind (50-60mph).  Fortunately for us, Rita is not expected to hit the coast until Friday evening and we should expect to be affected by Rita Saturday.  Coco is not going to be here at all Friday and then of course Saturday she won’t be here as well.  So my hope is that God will take care of his business with Coco on Saturday and then this threat to my own family’s well-being will be over.  If this hurricane doesn’t kill this dog, I fear what may come next.  Of course I hope I am wrong and God does not have some sort of vengeance against this dog, she just happens to be really unlucky.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Current mood: tired

So Rita is decidedly heading East, and unless she makes a drastic turn Westward, the most we can expect is some wind (we may not even get rain).  48 hours, it’s amazing how much changes in 48 hours.  I hope that everyone in her new path gets out safely. 

I guess God has other plans for Coco.  I did forget to mention this oh-so important detail about Coco from Wednesday…she was groomed.  She is all cleaned and clipped with pink bows in her fur and pink polish on her toes.  I swear, the woman doesn’t want to fork out any extra cash to ease her dogs’ pain after being mauled by another dog, but by-golly lets paint her little toenails pink.  She looks stupid.  By the time she left Wednesday evening some of the polish had come off and she lost one of her bows.  But, you know, things like that happen when you’re playing fetch outside.

in may of 2007, the angelo, his parents, his brothers, and the kids went to disney (the one in florida). i could not go because i was taking classes and would miss too many of one class. i was once again dog-sitting (this time for the friend), but this time it was two large labs:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 1
Current mood: amused

So Angelo and the kids left at 3:30 this morning. I went back to sleep, woke up at 11:15, watched two and a half movies, took a shower, went shopping. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Discoveries on day 2
Current mood: contemplative

Sloth and gluttony have set in. I spent all of day 2 watching more movies and eating, eating, eating. This is my theory. Since Aidan has been able to grab at whatever it is I am eating, I have not been able to eat anything without sharing it too. I don’t share food very well. I didn’t grow up starving, so I’m not sure where this inability to share food came from, but the point is, I don’t like to share it. So it’s come down to either only eating something I really don’t want to share when the kids are sleeping, they have their own food to eat (which doesn’t mean they won’t want to eat mine too) or they are in Florida. Well, they are in Florida now, so I am eating whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want without having small children climbing over me attempting to eat MY food.
Sloth. For the last almost 4 years I have had to take care of another human being. Change them, feed them, entertain them etc. Almost 3 years ago I had to do it two times over. This is the first time in almost 4 years that the only person I’ve had to worry about is me. What does Erin want? What do I want to do? Well apparently for the past two days it’s watch movies. So far I have watched 7 movies in less than 48 hours (not including POTC 3 seen Sunday night). My couch has an Erin shaped dent in it. My snack food supply is dwindling and the two labs I am dogsitting are starting to wonder what happend to the promises of walks everyday and hours of playing fetch. Fear not Max and Ruby, the days of sloth have come to an end, it’s time to be productive!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Days 3 & 4
Current mood: chipper

Day 3
It rained inside my truck
Day 4
I’m going to Florida.  Apparently I miss my family


by the fourth day, the lonliness was unbearable (i know, i’m such a wuss), a plan ticket was bought, and i only missed one day of a three week class (miss three and you’re out). having not been on a plane post 9/11, i was unaware that you could not bring bottled water in the airport, so i was forced to throw away my bottle of ozarka…but then continental switched my seat to first class and gave me free alcohol, so all was well!

to show you how much we missed you, we took a picture of the dog!

the angelo and his dad left for fort worth today for a food show, and will not be back until tomorrow afternoon sometime. to express to the angelo how much we missed him while he was gone, i wanted to take a picture of the four of us with clown frown’s and teardrops drawn on our faces. poking around the house, i found washable (very important!) crayola markers. the closest i had to red was “raspberry”, and for blue i had “azure”. so i painted up the aidan, then the moira, then myself and last but not least the olivia. the olivia didn’t quite understand what was going on, so she cooperated long enough for the tears. after a few touch-ups, i marched everyone outside to lay in the grass for our photo.

so now we’re all laying in the grass, i hold the camera up looking down at (hopefully) all of us, push the button halfway so it focuses, and i’m failing to hear the focused-now-ready-to-snap-a-picture-beep (did i mention the olivia was not exactly thrilled to be laying in the grass?), so i try again…again, nothing. i turn the camera around, verify it’s on, then try to take a picture of the sandbox…nothing. guess what! the battery is dead! yay! photo session is over until further notice.

it took 2.5 hours for the battery to fully recharge, i spent that entire time using my voodoo powers to ward off anyone thinking of coming to my door (i was still in make-up) and the aidan asked no less than five times if he could clean the marker off of his face because “it’s bothering me” . being the mean mother that i am and not wanting to redo his face again, i made him leave it on. only the olivia returned to her sparkly clean face and that was because during her dinner, she had managed to wipe off her tears. so anyway, the battery is finally done, time to try again. touch up everyone’s face (the o’s face stayed naked), and we’re now lying on the floor in the living room because it’s too dark outside.

yay! 12 snaps later and i take a peek at the results…yeah…i look terrible, and the only thing you can see of the olivia is the top of her head. stood up, took some shots of the kids and then we’re done. uploaded them…it looked like the kids raided the make-up drawer and smeared lipstick all over and around their lips.

so, i took a picture of the dog, because i had to have something to show for all of this.




*this was originally written on Aug. 21st, but never posted, not sure why*

ever have one of those days where the brain-to-mouth filter just isn’t working? maybe it was just replaced, and the holes are too big and you are saying stuff that should never have been said. like say, oh, telling someone you see on a pretty regular basis, who has helped you out in many ways that you think their six year old is annoying. yeah, that was pretty stupid. unfortunately, it was already said before i realized what was going on. i tried to cover it up by saying my big ones get on my nerves daily, but i’m not sure if that was enough. i’m thinking this “socializing” bit is overrated and i refuse to do it until i have a “backspace” button installed.

more photos at a time

i uploaded the Flickr Uploader application to my computer so i can upload more photos at a time. you can check out my photostream at the link below:

so if someone wants to enlighten me on how to embed links into words, that would be fabulous!